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The Benefits of White Hat SEO (And Why You Should Stick To It)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most acclaimed ways of expanding customer base and convert website visits to potential customers and eventually, convert them into sales. This has been the case since time immemorial, and it continues to evolve in ways unimaginable, from the classic strategies to the most cunning techniques.

The great returns entice businesses to invest in this digital marketing strategy to revise and boost their marketing efforts. While some of the businesses rely on do-it-yourself Search Engine Optimization, or using illegal strategies known as Black Hat SEO; it will all end up with them getting their rankings go down, and possibly having their sites penalized by Google. Furthermore, having been penalized by Google makes them susceptible to being removed from the search engine results pages.

Using proper Houston SEO utilizes the use of proper and legally accepted optimization procedures, aptly called White Hat SEO.

To know what and how White Hat SEO is done, read on.

White Hat SEO uses targeted keyword phrases

Keyword phrases are researched thoroughly and tested on search engines to ensure the probability of attaining the target audience. This process is called keyword research. Once a list of keyword phrases is selected, it will be used with the several elements of the site. Some of these abovementioned elements are headers, body text, image names, alternate text, and many more. The more usage the keyword gets within a relevant context, the more quality and visibility the site merits in a search engine.

Posting relevant contentat a regular basis

Creating engaging and relevant content around the website’s topic or theme markets it better and propels its rankings. This entices reader curiosity and grows the follower base, as well as help the site to appear higher in SERP. This is achieved as long as the content writers and their produced literature always include the target keyword phrases throughout.

Inbound and outbound links and their ability to bump rankings

If a particular page is useful or interesting to a niche’s topic, it is advisedto link to it and if possible, get a link from them too.

Inbound links from quality and renowned sites, especially those ranked higher by search engines, can help your own website to gain more “link juice”, adding up to more points to increase your position in search engine results pages.

Improving Headings

Dividing posts with headings and utilizing keyword phrases in headings to give sites a boost in search results works wonders. Using targeted keywords in the HTML headings of <H1>, <H2>, and <H3> will carry more gravity than normal sized text.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization is the safest way of monetizing and improving website statistics, given that is Google-friendly and cost-effective. While Black Hat SEO might give the same performance within a brief time, it will soon be disregarded once Google has penalized the site, losing its initial position boost in the search engine result pages.

For Houston SEO efforts, only use White Hat SEO techniques in improving marketability and rankings.

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