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Content Marketing Is Becoming a Major Marketing Tool

Most business owners already know that content marketing is crucial to making sure that your business stands out from your competitors. “Interrupting” styles of marketing are quickly becoming obsolete, because customers are more knowledgeable and better engaged because of the internet. Now, customers are throwing out direct mail, skipping advertisements online, and ignoring e-mail blasts. In order to get a potential customer’s attention, you have to deliver highly personalized content that is relevant to what they are looking for. A Smart Insights poll found that nearly one third of all respondents are looking to make content marketing their top marketing tool this year, and the amount of significance placed on content marketing is only expected to increase.

Content Is Becoming Increasingly Personalized

In the days of direct mail and e-mail blasts, content had to be vague and generalized because marketers simply didn’t know that much about their potential customers. That has changed significantly. With strong analytics and marketing software, companies can quickly find their target audience. But with the advent of the internet, it has become harder to reach them. That’s why content is becoming increasingly personalized with the help of social media and complex data programs that provide information about customers. Most businesses are finding that potential customers respond better to personalized content about topics that interest them rather than generic pieces.

More Visual Content Is Supplementing Traditional Writing

Visual content can be stimulating, and that is why it is increasingly being used in content marketing. Youtube videos, graphics, charts, and interactive displays are all being used to draw in potential customers. Visual content can perform better than written, static content, and it can be used to tell a more engaging story. Look for more content marketers to turn to videos during this year.

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