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How to Convert MOV to AVI Videos with Movavi Video Converter

AVI videos are higher in quality compared to MOV video files even though it is also larger in size.  AVI is also more popular than MOV so it is more widely recognized by media players and video editors.  If you are a Windows user, you will have to convert the MOV video into AVI in order to watch it on the media player on the Windows computer. MOV can only be opened in Apple Quick Time player. Converting your AVI videos into MOV will make it more convenient for watching on your media player or editing in a video editor. You will need a video editor like Movavi Video Editor to get your MOV videos converted into AVI videos.

The interface of Movavi Video Converter is easy to understand. There are pop ups that guide first time users in using the software for converting their videos. In order to convert MOV to AVI, you must first get ready your MOV videos by copying it to your computer. Next, you must launch Movavi Video Converter and drag the MOV videos into the software. If the video is dragged into the open space properly, it will be load into the software successfully and shows a thumbnail. Your MOV video files can also be imported by clicking on the Add Media button. You can also import the entire folder of videos by using the Watch Folder button. There is no limit as to how many video files you can load into the software.

You can click the play button on the video thumbnail to preview it. If there is some imperfections in the video, you can fix them by using the video editor. You simply click the scissor edit button and the video editor software will opened. The video is already load onto the timeline when the video editor launch. You can access all the functions via the toolbar on top. All basic video editing functions are supported in the video editor including scissor, rotate and etc.

You must navigate to the video tab and select AVI format from the list. The name of the file format is stated below the thumbnail. You can enter AVI into the search box located on the upper right corner if you can’t find it by using the back and next arrow. The video format you click on will appear selected in blue color. You should take a look at the output format and make sure it is AVI before clicking on the convert button to start the conversion process.

It is important to select the right destination path option. For example, if you want the videos to be saved separately from the original folder, make sure you click the save to drop down menu and choose this option. The duration the video conversion process takes to complete will depend on the number of videos you load into the software. The destination folder you choose in the save to option will open itself at the end of the video conversion process.

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