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Exploring the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Auto Dealers

Everyone knows that the internet is a great tool that allows businesses to connect, and sell to, customers around the country and across the planet, but the web can do much more than connect far-flung buyers with eager sellers. The internet is a great local search tool as well, and companies that are able to harness that local flavor can see their fortunes rise and their market shares soar.

One of the best examples of the power of the web is as close as your local car dealer. When buyers are in the market for a new set of wheels, they are not interested in vehicles from across the country – they want to shop locally, kick the tires and talk to a local car dealer they can trust. That means that auto dealers who are able to use the web effectively should be able to get the attention of those willing buyers when they are most eager to make a purchase.


Of course anyone who has ever searched for local businesses on the web knows just how difficult the task can be. A simple online search for a local flower shop or auto dealer often brings up results that are anything but local. In order for car dealerships to be successful on the web, they need to make sure their sites are properly optimized to gain the attention of all those local shoppers.

If you have been busy running your own car dealership, you may have never heard of search engine optimization, but the term can make the difference between success and failure on the internet. In its simplest terms, search engine optimization, or SEO for short, means building your website with the way people search for information in mind.

For instance, a car dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio might include keywords related to their home city and surrounding towns. Including those local search terms allows popular search engines like Google and Bing to return more accurate, and more localized, results when shoppers are looking for cars and trucks close to home or work.

Many car dealers have traditionally relied on old style forms of advertising, from spots on local radio and television stations to ads in the local newspaper. While those forms of marketing are certainly effective, they may not provide the kind of return dealers are looking for in an increasingly wired world. Smart phones, tablet computers and other devices have allowed consumers to take the internet with them wherever they go, and when those shoppers look for local businesses they look online first.

That means that eager automobile shoppers are likely to find a local dealer when they search online – the only question is whether that dealer will be yours or a competitor. If you are able to optimize your website properly, you can help those eager shoppers find you – and that means more sales on the lot and more money in your pocket.

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