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How to avoid social media failure

Everyone knows it – social media is currently the biggest supplier of many forms of information and entertainment. Their true power lies in the fact that social networks can blend these two categories completely seamlessly and deliver the results end users. Unlike the old days when media outlets had to create content and then fight to find a way to keep the consumers interested in it, social media is a place where users build information and then further generate interest in the same things.

This phenomenon is truly a unique invention of the modern world, but its raw power is undeniable. A decade ago, when social networks like Facebook were only in their infancy, many people were convinced that these websites were only a passing trend. Now, after so many examples of spectacular levels of information sharing on social media, which can be found in business-related field, but also those which are driven by some other force, any doubt about these networks is definitely gone. Today, it is clear to everyone that social sharing and other elements of social media produce outstanding results. This is also the reason why practically all business organizations, no matter how small, try to create a social media presence.

But, at the same time, many of these seem to constantly fail in some shape or form. This is evident from minor things like failing to reach the targeted audience, but also from huge blunders that occur on social networks in which multinational companies end up looking ridiculous and completely out of touch. For any organization that already experienced this, all the negative implications are painfully evident. Others might feel that they are treading a thin line that can in any moment bring about a complete disaster, which makes their social media presence so confined that it serves no purpose at all. Of course, this does not have to be the case.

Maintaining a coherent and successful social network presence, with the right knowledge, is simple and easy. Here are some key tips how anyone can avoid failing at running their social network and general social media presence.

Beware of Spam

This is the most evident thing, but social media marketing company managers often disregard it, thanks to the pressure they receive from their bosses or for some other reasons. While three tweets will be more visible than one tweet, the same is not an excuse to always produce more content and then immediately post it up on a network. In fact, “more is better” will always eventually lead to a state that other users see as spamming. Once this has happened, it is almost impossible to get an audience back. Because of this, any social media presence should be measured up constantly and reduced if it seems that the audience feedback in unsatisfactory. The number of visitors from a single day of social network activity will not ruin any company, no matter how small is might be. The idea that a company is nurturing a spammer mentality, on the other hand, most definitely will.

Creating a Voice

Some social media and search engine optimization companies in India sounds extremely professional on social media. Others choose a more relaxed tone while some even opt for a completely spontaneous approach that seems almost like it is not thought through at all. The interesting thing is that every possible approach is valid and can bring in a growing, satisfied audience. The trick is not to find the best possible voice and tone of a social network conversation, but to choose one and stick with it. No company became successful on a social media platform by sounding different every day. Instead, those who are keeping their emotional tone, approach to one-on-one conversations and everything else constant and steady are those which succeed. Taking up one approach and then changing it to something else will definitely lead to a social media failure.

Being Meticulous

Grammatical errors happen to everyone. That is the reason why any content that is posted on a professional social network should be examined and reexamined so that no mistake slips and remains visible for a protruded period of time. A single mistake is not a big deal, but mistakes tend to pile up. For example, the spell checking portal Grammarly conducted a research which found that Pepsi made 3.6 language mistakes (grammar and spelling) on every hundred words, while their rival, Coca-Cola produced just 0.9 on every hundred words that were posted. This should be a warning call that there is always everyone who is reading very carefully. If a company wants a successful social media presence, they need to make sure it does not end up being mocked because of bad writing skills.

Ignoring Criticisms

Inexperienced employees of a company that are running a social media presence are often terrified when they encounter criticism. In these situations, they many times believe that they have to defend the company or somehow try to minimize the damage by ignoring it. This is a mistake. Any conversation, including a negative one, is a chance to show that a company is there for its customers. Being rude or sweeping things under the carpet leads nowhere. The better alternative is to embrace the criticism, learn from it and move on. Even users who are malicious cannot oppose successfully this style of absorbing negative comments because it does not give them space to continue to express their bad intentions.

With these simple but effective tips, anyone can make sure that their social media presence continues to gain new followers and broadens its user base. Thanks to them, any company or another type of an organization can truly reap the rewards of social networks.

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