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Is SEO all about Traffic or Business?

Is your website generating web visitors? Or is it gaining new customers or sales conversion? If not than definitely you need SEO Company that provides your all answers. This is somehow a SEO company will advertise their services and attracts several customers. Today thousands of websites are available on internet that has no rank on Google and owners of those sites are unable to get business from them.

It’s a fact, by using SEO services one can get high rank on search engines or also increases its visibility on Google. SEO is online technique that provides a platform to companies to advertise their products and services across the globally worldwide area of internet. It includes various activities that help to improve your online reputation and ranking as well.

If you are reading this article than surely you know about SEO services, so here it is not necessary to discuss it in details. Sometimes you heard, people saying our site is on top rank but their website are unable to bring business. Do you know why it happens? After spending money, time and hard work, why your website not bring business, even when it is on Google’s first page?

Well the answer depends on you, whether you want only traffic or want business from your site. If you want only traffic then the activities which you need to follow are:

  • Link building is the best technique to increase traffic to your site. You can create link pages that will contain link to another less competing websites.
  • Advertise your site to free classifieds and forums
  • Update your Facebook page and increase likes and followers
  • Submit your site on top social book marking sites to creates back links
  • Do article submission and put a link to your website
  • Allow free advertising to drive new visitors to your site

Above are the activities through which any one can bring traffic to his website, but only traffic is sufficient for you? Or do you want business too? Isn’t it amazing if you will get traffic and business both?

Yes it is easily possible. Actually SEO is the game of keywords or content. Sometimes you found by using a certain keyword, your competitors get profit and when you use the same keywords, you will not get the same profit. This is because every keyword is suitable for different business and we know different business offer different things, even those offers same services will appeal to different types of people differently.

There is a lot of choice available to select relevant keyword that is important to target by SEO company to bring traffic with business. And why only SEO firm, you can yourself analyze the keywords with the help of available online keyword tools like Google Adwords, after all it’s your website, so it’s up to you how you will handle it.

In addition, content is also very important, use unique and fresh content, as you know people love to read fresh content. You can also hire a professional content writer for this and make sure to post relevant and informative content on your website and blogs. It’s good if you allow customers to comment on your brand so that you can improve and makes it more customers lovely.

At last it’s your website, so it’s totally depends on you, what you want from it- traffic or business? Choice is yours!!!

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