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Launch of Disavow Links Tool By Matt Cutts

We all know that backlinks are the key in gaining huge web traffic for any online business. Due to the recent Google updates, many websites have failed to respond according to the Google rules and strategies. Their site backlinks decreased to a great extent. No one could help them in regaining the backlinks and traffic. Ultimately those sites had to face a huge loss. In the meantime, Disavow Links tool evolved by Google’s well known engineer Matt Cutts. He announced this new Google Webmaster tool a few days ago. This tool does have several features.

Matt Cutts said that ultimate goal of launching this Disavow Links tool is to keep up the things simple and trouble free. You need to do is upload a text file with a solitary URL per line of those links which you deem Google to deny. In simple words, these are the backlinks causing a bad affect on your website that you are going to tell Google that you do not have faith in them. However, most of the online businesses do not need to implement this tool. Do not start disavowing links too right away. Rather you have to start gradually. Meanwhile, Cutts stated that tool is helpful for those websites trying their level of best in order to clean up their paid links. In this way, there should not be any issue for the bad SEO practitioners.

All you need to do is go to Google webmaster tools and select your website so that Google will allow you to upload a plain text file along with links that you wish to disclaim or deny. Matt Cutts further stated that Disavow links tool allows you to ask Google not to regard as links to your website that you deem might be causing a bad affect on your website ranking and traffic.

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