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Corporate Strategies For Survival In The Internet Age

Many recent articles in the media, including an interview with GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons, have focused on a new social media based marketing strategy. A whole new generation of Internet millionaires have made their fortunes by the unprecedented explosion of information that has become a commonplace in the age of …

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How to avoid social media failure

Everyone knows it – social media is currently the biggest supplier of many forms of information and entertainment. Their true power lies in the fact that social networks can blend these two categories completely seamlessly and deliver the results end users. Unlike the old days when media outlets had to …

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Content Marketing Is Becoming a Major Marketing Tool

Most business owners already know that content marketing is crucial to making sure that your business stands out from your competitors. “Interrupting” styles of marketing are quickly becoming obsolete, because customers are more knowledgeable and better engaged because of the internet. Now, customers are throwing out direct mail, skipping advertisements …

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What is Google Inbox?

Google has revolutionized the way you can send e-mails. It has created an app for iOS and Android phones and Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. This app is called Google Inbox. When you receive numerous e-mails every day, it can be quite tough to sort through them. With Inbox, you …

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Need for Speed: Torrent File Legalese Everyone Needs to Know

Bittorrent software clients have developed something of a bad reputation amongst some thanks to their association with their being misused for piracy and copyright infringement. These pieces of software, however, are just programs for transferring large amounts of data across a network. Not only are they legal, they are incredibly …

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