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Tips to eradicate loss of thousands in rental advance

Mysore is the place to be when it comes to IT. There has been a lot of companies opening up and functioning in the city of Mysore from the last five years. This has led to a lot of job opportunities for the local population as well as it has brought in so many youngsters in search of jobs into the city. All this development has led to a boom in the rental market in Mysore. There is a demand for residential apartments, villas and condos.

Lot of property owners in the city is earning a handsome amount in the form of rent and deposits. Normally while giving a house for rent a land lord demand ten months rent in advance as caution or security deposit. The biggest pain for the tenants is to receive this amount back at the time of vacating the house. Land lord cut a lot of amount stating a number of reasons which results in loss of money for the tenant. If you have taken a house for rent in Mysore, your rental agreement is over and you want to get the whole of your caution deposit without losing a penny then here are a few steps to follow.

 Clicking Picture or Making Videos when you move in

At the time of moving into a rental home, first take a tour of the house along with the owner and make a video and click photos of the whole house. The pictures should be wide as well as close ups of every nook and corner of the house. Now organize the set of photos and videos and send a mail copying yourself to the owner on the same day. This serves as a documentation of the condition which the house is at the time of occupation. This helps you prove that at the time of vacating you have maintained the property in the same way as it was at the time of occupation.


The rental agreement you make has a clause for the notice period. The tenant has to inform the owner in advance according to the notice period so that the owner can arrange the security deposit. The expense incurred at the time of vacancy is the biggest expense that drains the pocket of the house owner. If the tenant gives written notice in advance about the vacancy then the owner will get ample time to arrange the money.

Obstruction in showings

The tenant should not cause any obstruction for the owner to show the house to new potential tenants. Don’t create situations demanding to the owner that the showing must happen in your presence. Also don’t change the door lock and leave the house in a total mess. But secure the valuables by keeping it in the cupboard. If it is mentioned in the rental agreement a house owner can charge you if you cause any obstruction. If you make the job of the land lord easy then there is a higher possibility of you receiving the deposit back.


During your stay in the house if you have taken the liberty to hang a few pictures and have installed curtain frames then it is sure that you have created a few holes on the wall. These walls need to be filled in and painted to cover it up.

Cleaning Carpets &leave nothing behind

Use a vacuum cleaner and clean all the dirt and dust on the carpet and also make sure that none of your valuables and possessions is left behind. If you leave something behind, it creates trouble for the owner. It is always better to make the owner’s job lighter which will make him happy and you receive the caution deposit on time.

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