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Twitter: how to move from 100 to 3,000 followers in a month

Have you got some time on Twitter but do not know how to get the most out of the tool? Do you see that your followers do not increase with the speed you would like and instead want to use best practices to gain recognition among your community? Then I’ll explain how I spent, a scarce month, and 100 followers 3,300 using only the techniques you see in this post and devoting no more than half an hour every day and all this without losing the quality of interaction with my followers and followed.

It is clear that quality is the most important social networks, but not quantity win repercussion. Sometimes common sense and simple strategy is more effective than complex practices or tools that first you have to learn to use. So here are the tips for kickstart your twitter profile.

Do not despair at first

When you walk into Twitter for the first time you may have the feeling that nothing happens in platform. Do not despair and try to understand the tool.

Based Twitter

Twitter is, by definition, atypical social network. It has more potential than any time to get faster and more extensively to many people, but its concept and operation make more than any other platform, keep certain features of individualism and something sometimes exasperating way communication.

These are the two user profiles more common in Twitter:

  • Those who dominate and use frequentlyhave it as an essential tool and an essential part of their daily lives.
  • Those who are starting or who simply do not have much time to meet and mastercan come to find it frustrating.

The base of Twitter is simple: I have things that I want to share them and let others hear me. I want to hear or what others want to tell and share.

That is, on Twitter it is speaking and listening. Follow other people to listen to what they say is simple. Others will continue to hear what you say is another story. You can buy twitter follower as well for your business and social promotion. Its not a bad idea to buy followers but you have to buy it from the right provider as well. A good idea to read reviews on buying followers then you will get a good idea who provides the best follower service.

What type of user you belong?

If you have a blog, a website or other platform where you publish quality content, you give sufficient visibility and you put a social layer, sooner or later will be released , people will share that content and possibly start to follow your account Twitter to be aware of your posts or comments.

If you’re famous, respected or recognized by any activity business, media, art … it is also very likely that your number of followers grows by itself.

But what happens when you’re convinced that you have much to say and share, but you’re not famous, you can not devote time to a blog, your comments are great but brief, which are selected share other content …?

It happens that, if you have followers, no one to share your posts, and you’ll see no one posting only for you.

Supporters need to read what tweets, that simple. But for many it is not easy to get those followers, and those who have lived in their own flesh know what I mean.

Bad practices in Twitter

Because these cravings get followers at all costs, many people hold on Twitter 2 types of actions:

If you follow me I will follow you so, just because. You’re on my list of followers, and I’m yours. I do exactly the same what you tell me and, almost certainly, you also could care less what I tweeted. But both have many followers.

The false guru: If you have many followers but few people seem to follow that you are an important person. For several days you still hundreds and hundreds of people of all types and condition for getting followers, and then stop follow, staying with those who never fail to follow others and increase your balance.

Both actions are not at all recommended, because it does not really provide too: have many followers who do not care what you tell and still many people who do not listen is good for absolutely nothing. I would almost say it’s ridiculously childish.

The real influencers, those whose publications are of interest to a large number of people, get followers on merit. Pretending to be one of them can take the hit at first, but eventually the process and discover the false guru is evident, as discussed below.

It is not like collecting followers who collects stamps, but, again, of being part of a community with common interests. This is what you tell him much of interest to your followers, and that these followers interact or share it with yours. It is also about listening to what the people have you follow because there’s always someone who knows more than you, who can learn and through whom to share interesting stuff with your followers.

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