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What is Google Inbox?

Google has revolutionized the way you can send e-mails. It has created an app for iOS and Android phones and Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. This app is called Google Inbox. When you receive numerous e-mails every day, it can be quite tough to sort through them. With Inbox, you can be more organized and it increases your productivity as well. It is a new way to deal with the endless stream of e-mails that you receive on a daily basis.

How does Inbox Work?

Inbox is not created to replace the Gmail app that you already have on your device. It is simply a new interface for it. Your e-mail gets organized and categorized more intelligently than before. You do not need to create a new e-mail address to use Inbox. You can also use the app while using the regular interface.

Inbox is an excellent app to have on your device due to the following reasons:

• It helps in putting all your e-mails into suitable categories.
• It allows you to keep messages hidden until you wish to unhide them.
• It highlights all the important information that you have in your inbox.
• It helps put similar e-mails into bundles.
• It allows you to pin e-mails that are high-priority to the top of your inbox.
• It also allows you to set reminders.
• It allows the conversion of physical addresses into links for Google Maps.

These are just some of the features that you get when you install Inbox on your device. At present, this beta service can only be accessed with an invitation. You will also be put on a waiting list before being able to download Inbox.

What is Awesome about Inbox?

According to, Google Inbox is an app that helps in keeping your e-mails more organized. The app has received great reviews and it is quite easy to see why. It has:

• A great design that looks amazing.
• Cards that give you the e-mail title, sender and a few lines of the message to help you get the gist of it.
• A ‘Pin’ action that puts important e-mails at the top of your message list.
• A ‘Snooze’ action that allows you to hide e-mails for a specific duration.
• A ‘Done’ button that allows you to make messages disappear when you do not have to take further action.

Google carefully scans your e-mails for you and picks out information that is useful and that you might want to keep track of. This means that you can pick and choose the messages that you want to read first based on how important they are. This is definitely an app that makes going through e-mails a less bothersome task.

Google Inbox is an excellent app to have especially if you rely on your Smartphone to connect with people, whether it is professionally or otherwise. If you know someone who is already using the app, get an invite and download it as soon as you are able to. It will definitely make your life much easier!

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